"I have severe arthritis in my knees and am unable to have knee replacements. Cortizone shots were not working and I had such severe pain that I could barely walk any longer even with the aid of a walker or cane. I decided to try laser therapy with Dr. Kalkstein and I had pain relief after just a couple of treatments. After 6 treatments I had significant pain reduction and increased mobility. It has been one month since my most recent treatment and I still do not have knee pain. The improvement I got from these treatments was AMAZING! -Pam R"

"The best in the business! Wouldn't go to anyone else!!,   -Jason B."

"The two best chiropractors in Monroeville. Caring, compassionate and always help ease my aches and pains. -Mary N"

"Dr. Tom and Dr.Jesse listen and understand what is hurting and shows empathy toward your situation. The ladies in the front office are just as great. They are extremely helpful making your appointments ASAP. All around great office - excellent care and service!!

-Seth S."

Our Patients Speak!

"Dear Dr. Jesse, I can't begin to thank you for  your kindness in helping me to walk without pain. I believe the laser therapy did a world of good and you are truly a good person. Sincerely, Larry C."

"Dear Dr. Tom, and Dr. Jesse

"I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to laser therapy.  When I first went to your office I was using a cane, couldn't get up or down in a chair and was awake during the night with pain in both knees. The orthopedic doctor said I qualified for knee replacement surgery in both knees. You tried laser therapy and it was like a miracle- after one treatment I didn't need the cane and was able to sleep and walk. Needless to say after the complete therapy, which was painless and did not take long, I feel encouraged that I have my life back. Thank you, Janetta H. "

"Dear Dr. Tom,

On my way to a full recovery. I want to thank you for always being there for me. I am truly blessed. Sincerely, Carol D."